Presentation Skills for IB Theory of Knowledge students

I offered to do a presentation a few months ago… about presentation skills. A little bit ironic I know, so I had to do a bit of research otherwise my presentation would have been a little boring. Anyway this is the presentation I made and showed to the Grade 12 TOK students, I will somehow share my verbal notes. The TOK students have to present an opinion piece for 10 minutes as part of their final assessment and after enduring a few last year, I decided to help.

Most of my inspiration is from Jesse Desjardins and I had a good look at his presentations and work on SlideShare. If you haven’t seen his work it is worth a look and gets you thinking. @jessedee on twitter. The majority of my pictures are from the Boston Big Picture website, which is still the best place to find current event images on the internet in my humble opinion. COLORlovers was my inspiration for the colour palette. I found out that you can save a colour palatte as an image, then choose to insert palette into the colour picker within either PowerPoint or KeyNote. This maintains the consistency throughout a presentation.

(sorry… some of the fonts are not working within slideshare eg. Winston Churchill Speech)

One thought on “Presentation Skills for IB Theory of Knowledge students

  1. Annabelle Chen says:


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