Creating Change when Change is Hard

12106954_1658249994415745_1321722611531817425_nOver two days at Level 5, this workshop will unpack the complex concept of leading change in schools. We will analyse the research, explore case studies and most importantly highlight practical steps leaders can take to lead and sustain meaningful change. I will try add resources below as we progress through the sessions, but please comment below with other ideas as we collaborate together.

Notes Booklet – PDF Copy

Session 1: Understanding the Problem

  • A Leader’s Framework for Decision Making (Snowden) [pdf]
  • Wired Magazine – LA iPad Debacle [article]
  • Session Slides and Case Studies [Google Slides]

Session 2: Know the Research

  • Main Readings
    • Switch – How to Change your Organisation [pdf]
    • John Kotter – Leading Change [pdf]
  • The Elephant, The Rider and the Path – A Tale of Behavior Change [video]
  • 10 min Summary “Switch: How to create change when change is hard [video]
  • Session Slides [Google Slides]

Session 3: Creating a Shared Vision

  • The Golden Circle – Simon Sinek [pdf]
  • Who has the D? How clear decision roles enhance organisational performance [pdf]
  • Sharing Strategic and Operational Plans [Padlet]
  • Why being a middle leader is so exhausting? – HBR [pdf]
  • Singapore American School – Annual Report [link]
  • Session Slides [link]

Session 4: Identify your Bright Spots and Easy Wins

  • Fast Company – Don’t solve problems, copy success [article]
  • Dan Heath – How to find bright spots [video]
  • Celebrate the Small wins – Twitter Hashtags [#uwclearn]
  • Session Slides [link]

Session 5: Grow your People

Session 6: Embedding Change

Overview of Workshop

This two-day workshop will outline a systematic approach to leading change initiatives within the context of schools. Through presentations, group activities and collaborations we will explore ways in which leaders can create an impetus for change and articulate a vision. We will identify ways to empower staff and differentiate support and also ways to sustain momentum in busy and evolving environments. Many of the examples will be drawn from establishing technology, formative assessment and curriculum initiatives in schools.

This session will be suitable to any School Leader or Instructional Coach looking to develop, refine or rewrite their strategy and plan. Participants will leave with an understanding of research into emergent practices of change management, and practical tools to embed into their school. The session will provide time for reflection and sharing of school experiences from the group.

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