Measuring the Hard Stuff


Technology initiatives which broaden student access to digital resources are both expensive and time consuming for any school. This workshop will identify some practical ways schools can evaluate the success of such initiatives through both qualitative and quantitative methods to tell stories about improved student learning. The workshop will also provide time for participants to share ideas from their context with the wider group.


Click on the above report to see an overview of student results for June 2015.

  1. Scan through the report to see the types of questions asked
  2. As a group pick one interesting question
  3. What stands out as an interesting result or pattern?
  4. What additional data would you like to collect to triangulate the findings?

Screen Shot 2017-03-11 at 10.57.27 AM.png

Quantitative Tools and Ideas

International Research Collaborative (American School Bombay)
Digital Life and Learning Survey – 21st Century Learning HK
Clarity by BrightBytes – US based
Qualtrics Software Tools – Google Forms on Steroids !
Pivot Tables – ninja tricks for spreadsheets
Tableau Public – free data visualisation tool

Example Data and Surveys – UWCSEA

UWCSEA – Staff Learning Technologies Survey
UWCSEA – Student Learning Technologies Survey
UWCSEA – HS Snapshot and commentary of results
Tableau Data Dashboards – sample and works in progress

Examples of Qualitative Tools

Telling a story – example graphs



8 thoughts on “Measuring the Hard Stuff

  1. Andre Beinert says:

    Hi Andrew, thanks for the good overview of what and how you measure. Gave me lots of ideas – thx, Andre.

  2. Bob says:

    I like the idea of the coaches log. We are currently discussing the need for this and I like the example you shared, especially when framing it as a positive, illuminating use. Hope you will add it to this web site so that others can refer to it when we get back to our schools. Great presentation today!

  3. Anuki Turner says:

    I really enjoyed the session yesterday and I wanted to see how to encourage management to implement some of these ideas.
    So the feedback from surveys and the twitter hash tag use is a great way to show this

  4. Kate Nevenglovska says:

    Really useful to consider surveys – what students are doing and their perceptions. Good to hear about some different survey styles.

  5. bensummerton says:

    Thanks Andrew. I like your ideas and examples of the quantitative tools used for measuring effectiveness. Having a rethink about how I have approached the challenge. I like the parent piece too: something I’ve not considered much in current school, but need to.

  6. Andrew Sharpe says:

    Thanks for the session. I’ll be taking away the importance of longitudinal data and specifically “If you want to measure the change, don’t change the measure”.

    Also, the use of the coaching log to inform where your focus should be as a team is a fantastic.

  7. David Kinane says:

    Capturing walkthrough evidence of examples of good practice and using Instagram as the archive was a really simple and effective idea, especially when tied to a specific #tag

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