Top 100 Tools to Support eLearning

Each year, a group of teachers come together to produce a list of what are considered to be the Top 100 tools to support eLearning in the classroom. Jane Hart compiles this list, from the Centre of Learning & Performance Technology. This years list has just been produced and is available below. It is interesting to see what tools are trending towards the top. Google applications seem to be more popular each year. The list is created by asking 500 odd educators for these top 10 tools, and the list is then complied.

I feel confident that I am personally keeping up with development and reflecting that I should perhaps try a few things again. I scanned down to about number 16 before finding something I hadn’t really tried. I always flirt with things when they first come out. For instance I previously tried Diigo, as one of my colleagues was really keen on it. I never really got off the group, I think it was the signing up process and allocating of students accounts was the stumbling block for me. Google Wave seems to be discontinued as well, another thing I tried for a while, but never got very far with students.

See the full list and individual links here Top 100 Tools for eLearning 2010

View more presentations from Jane Hart.

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