Yes, Quizlet got even better; now with diagrams

Quizlet remains as one of those Swiss Army knife style apps that you end up repurposing and going back to time and time again. Last year it got a significant revamp with the Quizlet Live game feature and now there is a clever addition called Quizlet Diagrams.

The new diagrams tool goes further adding a really clever visual layer. You can pin a term to a specific part of the diagram and then the students use the match or learn tools to revise which term matches which part.

How does this improve learning?

In essence using Quizlet is a perfect approach to get students to revise new terms or develop and broaden their vocabulary. In Economics I want student to use the appropriate terms and words to explain the nuances of complicated concepts and models. For instance we want our students to confidently use the term ‘appreciation’ rather than trying to just say that a currency has gone ‘up’.  In my experience Quizlet is a pretty good tool to help develop this basic knowledge and helps to do this is a faster and more engaging way. Ultimately we want to spend more time in class help student to apply their knowledge and skills to new contexts and to develop conceptual understandings. Quizlet is therefore a super effective method to explore in your class.

How do I use?

Screen Shot 2017-09-08 at 5.44.50 PM.png

  1. You need to sign up for a free Teacher account with your GApps account
  2. Search the diagrams examples for your subject
  3. Duplicate an existing set of flashcardsor create to start a fresh
  4. Drag a screenshot or image into Quizlet
  5. Use the pin icon to add terms.

Are there examples I can look at?

There are lots of really clever examples already created and available online. You can share any of these with your students by posting the link into any online learning platform. There are a few useful ones for Economics. I have linked one below that I developed for the circular flow diagram.

Have a go and test yourself first !

  1. Circular Flow Diagram – IB Economics
  2. Biology Cell Structure Diagram
  3. Soil Layers Diagram – Science and Geography
  4. Match the European Country
  5. Spanish Vocab – el desayuno (what’s for breakfast I think 🙂

Screen Shot 2017-09-11 at 11.40.09 AM.png

How do students access?

You can copy the link directly from Quizlet and send this to your students with the Online Learning Platform (Teamie) The two best modes from students to practice diagrams are either Learn Mode or Match Mode.

Learn mode is very clever and randomly gives students either match or multiple choice questions based on the set of flashcards you have created and it helps students track which ones they find easy and those which are harder. This was recently improved and really supports independent learning.

Match Mode is probably the best supported to diagram and give the students a random challenge based on the flash cards you have added to a diagram. See below


Quizlet Diagram

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