Flipping formative assessment with Zaption

I teach an IB Diploma Economics class, which is always an interesting mixture of new and experienced Economics students. We offer a iGCSE course to our younger students which means that 80% of our students have studied economics before and have usually done very well.

I therefore look for ways to recap on previous concepts and try spend the class time unpacking concepts with activities or running mini-lessons with the new students on the basics. A great tool to help pre-assess student knowledge and understanding is Zaption.

Zaption is a tool which allows you to add questions to a video, where students view and answer at their own pace. Zaption then provides analytics to summarise the students responses.

Last week I wanted to set a quick homework activity to recap on the previous week of learning. The following video about Economic Systems from Crash Course Economics was a great resource to use. You can see the embedded Zaption activity below where I have added multi-choice and open answered questions to the activity. You can click through to see the different types of questions you can add.

Screen Shot 2015-09-09 at 8.51.26 pm
Zaption editor


Using the data to check for understanding

Once the students have completed the activity you see an interface below, which allows you to skip between the students questions to see an overview. You can also download all of the data to a spreadsheet. If you want to look at one students answers for all of the questions you are best to look at the spreadsheet. The last screenshot also shows the view when looking at a list of responses. You can project this back to your class to have a discussion, and have the option to hide student names.
Screen Shot 2015-09-09 at 8.48.57 pm
One of the most interesting pieces of data was under the viewers option. This showed you how long students spent online completing the activity. My gut tells me this was a excellent proxy for both student engagement and how much time students take to develop their responses. My new students each spent the longest on the homework as did a couple of super diligent individuals. A couple of others who speed through the activity with correct answers and good depth, probably need some extension or are ready to move forward with something else.

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