21st Century Learning at UWCSEA

Here is great video showcasing how we use technology at UWCSEA as part of our successful iLearn Initiative. We submitted this as part of a 21st Century Learning School of the Year competition, and we recognised as the winner.  The following paragraph was a snippet from the organisers, which nicely encapsulates what we try to do, and how I have spent my energies over the last 2.5 years. The panel was especially impressed that…

“staff professional learning structures are built into the process. The targeted use of coaches and Tech Mentors maximizes the ‘spread’ of capacity throughout the school and helps embed a culture of change which we believe will reach well beyond a single initiative, and even beyond technological competence.”

It has been great to work with a wider team of now eight Digital Literacy Coaches, with lots of additional support and clear leadership. It is evident that we are now developing creative and innovative pedagogies that are becoming ingrained into the learning culture of the school.

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