Exciting times – small fish, big pond.

This blog has been a little bit quiet lately as my career has been undergoing a little makeover. In the last couple of months I have jumped from one school in Singapore to another, and I have felt like a little fish jumping into a very big pond.

I have shifted from being a classroom teacher of Economics to becoming a full-time Digital Literacy Coach (Technology Integrator) at United World College of South East Asia. The change has been both positive and challenging; and also represents what might be a unique part of my career. I joined the college at an exciting time to help lead the implementation of the technology initiative entitled iLearn which is putting laptops in the hands of over 2000 students at our two Singapore campuses. My role is to support teachers to make the best use of digital tools to support teaching and learning.

Overtime this blog might contain a little less Economics, but I will still share ideas and resources that I have been working on, plus some interesting Economics material from Singapore and New Zealand.

One thought on “Exciting times – small fish, big pond.

  1. Scott Little says:

    Best of luck with the new position. My educational story is similar to yours, but in reverse. I left a job in Canada as a learning coordinator of technology and I am now teaching economics and technology at the Canadian International School in Singapore. I look forward to sharing ideas and resources with you.


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