An Academic Screen Saver

I came across this great idea at a recent workshop conducted by Kathleen Ferenz, from Apple. Some of the best ideas are in hindsight the most obvious and this is a good example. This is perfect if you are working in an immersive 1:1 laptop environment, or if you have lots of black empty screens in your computer labs.

Within Systems Preferences on the MacBooks students can create Screen Savers from any collection of images. Usually these are photographs, but what if these were images from a particular class or lists of a visual vocabulary list? I quickly made a Geography screen saver by doing the following.

  1. From within either Keynote or PowerPoint, I can save the presentation as a collection of pictures, using either the export or save functions. This creates a folder of images, one for each slide. This folder can be saved in your pictures folder.
  2. Then I went into Systems Preferences and clicked in the + button at the bottom to add a folder of pictures. Here I navigated the folder I had created in Step 1.
  3. Then you can change the settings on how the pictures are arranged.
  4. Done 🙂


  1. Classes could make the slides in Keynote and share collectively through a Picasa Gallery, or sharing functions in iPhoto.
  2. Students could easily create different folders of screen saver images for classes,
  3. Teachers could use this as a starter when students are entering your room up on your projector

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