So I brought a new iPad…

Yes I sold out and finally brought myself a new iPad. I am quite glad that I held out till the second version appeared, as the camera and related apps are the big sell to me. I am still not sure how the iPad will fit into my life, along side an iPhone and MacBook, but I will sure try find a place.

I was convinced after attending the Apple Leadership Summit – see post here that the iPad had some potential in education. With a growing number of apps I can see some wonderful applications in Elementary schools. Once you have played with the GarageBand app there is no turning back. My wife is also pretty happy with it. It is nice to travel with and sits in the lounge if we want to check facebook, emails, photos or skype. Fortuitously we were in New Zealand when it was launched last month.

I am still surprised that Skype is yet to develop a specific app for the iPad, instead we have to use a zoomed version of the iPhone version of the app. Also the lovely folder cover if a bit annoying. I perhaps need to read the instructions, but the folding isn’t as simple or as swish as in the adverts and more like origami Nevertheless my new iPad is perhaps the most stunning device Ive ever owned.

I am looking forward to making good use of it in my new job beginning in August at United World College of South East Asia in Singapore, as a Technology Integrator supporting their new iLearn Initiative. I have got a long summer ahead to get up to speed on the iPad and have begun to download some recommended apps. iPad Apps at UWCSEA East. The calendar function and use of Evernote will make my life on the move easy. I am still looking for a task/project manager that will allow me to sync between a computer and iPad. Any recommendations welcome 🙂

For the next few days I will be at the Apple Distinguished Educators 2011 workshop in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. I am really looking forward to getting stuck into some professional development, reflection and good discussions about pedagogy and the way forward. Will post some thoughts and pictures when I get back to Singapore.

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