StudyWiz – changes and updates

StudyWiz is an Online Learning Environment that our school uses to complement our 1:1 laptop programme. Whilst StudyWiz does have it’s faults, it is slowly becoming more user friendly. This is now more evident since the release of the latest update 9.4.5, which we have recently installed at school. I completed a training workshop with our staff, highlighting the changes. I have uploaded my presentation below. StudyWiz have also published a set of resources to explain each of the resources.

StudyWiz Training Resources – click here

The three main changes are a quick create button and changes to fast files and assignment function.

  • Quick Create – allows users to create new Activities quickly from wherever they are in the system. They can choose where to place this resource by clicking on the nifty folders icon at the bottom of the pop up screen. The new interface makes more use of javascript to run pop ups, which allow teachers to use the system more easily.
  • Crumbtrails – displays the current location to users when creating a new Activity. It also also students to visualize which class and folder thet are currently navigating and easily step back to the home page.
  • Resource/FastFile – an overhauled Activity with new features and improved usability. The number of clicks and fields required has been dramatically reduced and the browse button automatically picks up the name of the file and adds it to the StudyWiz database.
  • Assignment – also overhauled, including new features and improved usability. Teachers can now see an overview of submissions, which highlights the students who have not submitted an assignment. It also records the time and date of submission and now many times new drafts have been submitted. Overtime the assignment function has become an essential tool for the teachers in a 1:1 programme.


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