IB Economics – Grade Distribution May 2010

The International Baccalaureate has recently published their bi-annual statistical bulletin. Most of the data contained is far too detailed most Economics teachers to worry about, but I have summarised the distribution of grades and the averages below.

Of potential interest is the comparison between different Group 3 subjects. If you look purely at the HL results for Economics, Business and Management, Geography and History with its huge cohort of 29,000 candidates the distribution is quite different.

  • Is it harder to attain a 7 in Business or History compared to Geography and Economics?
  • It the quality of students in the different subjects cause the difference in attainment?
  • Is the quality of the teachers and the teaching different?
  • Will the new curriculum for Economics cause any dramatic shift in the distribution?
  • Do some students choose Economics and Geography knowing that statistically there is a higher chance of attaining a 7? ceteris paribus; that the student actually studies and does some work.

All results referenced from the IB Statistical Bulletin – May 2010 – publicly accessible here

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