What can be achieved in 45 mins… Google Docs

I am still an avid fan of using Google Doc’s to spice up some otherwise boring subject matter in Economics. Today students were thinking about the tools available to governments to correct a budget deficit. The cool part about this part of the course is that students are applying ideas from other parts of the course to solve a new problem. Therefore it was a good chance for them to apply their ideas and work independently and yet collaboratively at the same time.

Google Docs – Methods to Correct a Current Account Deficit


I structured a class discussion first about how governments could boost exports and reduce dependency on imports. Once we had a few points we added these to a public google doc (saves stressing over inviting students and signing in). Then each student picked one idea and expanded on it, whilst trying to apply a model they have previously used. Once they finished the short lesson, I tidied up the formatting and added a few extra things from my PowerPoint presentations to reinforce the main ideas. Tomorrow at the beginning of class, I will get them to read through the finished piece of work and identify two improvements. Once we have finished they can save this to their notes (download as PDF) and we can move on to the dreaded J Curves and the Marshall Lerner Condition.

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