Inspirational PD video – Sir Ken Robinson

I try not to republish things that I see and read on other peoples websites. Sometimes however the temptation is just too much, so I have borrowed a resource from the Lucacept Blog by Jenny Luca Below is an excellent animation that supports a presentation by Sir Ken Robinson. The presentation about Changing Education Paradigms is an excellent, thought provoking piece of work. Hopefully this will help educations to assess the validity and effectiveness of the current model of learning. I look forward to showing it to our staff at some stage.



3 thoughts on “Inspirational PD video – Sir Ken Robinson

  1. jennylu says:

    Don’t worry. I’ve seen it on plenty of other sites too. I always think there’s a likelihood that the people who read your blog may not be people who read lots of other blogs, so if I see things I think may be useful to others, I use them. I do try and do what you do and attribute where I first saw it if I can. In this case, it was from a tweet and I couldn’t remember who initially pushed it out there. : )

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